Sunday, 13 April 2014

Update, Kasia Skirt!

Hi Dudes!!!

Finally I get around to updating you all on the FINISHED 'Kasia Skirt'!

Yes, that's right, I finished it and I have photos!

I am pleased with how it turned out, although when I did the muck up of it, it seemed like it was going to be small which was o.k as I was making it in a very stretchy fabric. It turned out quiet large, I didn't add the zip in at the last minute as I was running out of time. So now the centre seam doesn't lie quiet right - I will probably re do it without the centre seam some day.

So without further ado, here are some photos!

 I sewed the buttons through all the layers, since I didn't need a zip or anything, but wanted to retain the pockets! (any garment that has pockets is a winner for me!)
 The fabric was heavy and awkward to work with, I cheaped out and didn't use any interfacing, which I should have, it would have stopped the rolling you can see.
Overall though, I love how it turned out, the black pockets make it look less garish in my opinion. I love buttons! I need to get some killer boots to work with this skirt, it comes just above the knee (I'm vertically challenged!) and thankfully doesn't make me look to short and tubby! Its a tricky one if you are not familiar with slightly more advanced construction, but took me about 5 afternoons to make, spending around an hour and a half each day. I wanted to take my time so I didn't muck it up. Also the buttons I cheated and eye balled them then used the ruler to make sure they were positioned well before sewing them on. I deliberately did the bigger gap between the top buttons and the lower 2, it just looked better that way.
I will definitely make this skirt again, I am thinking in a stretchy cotton fabric maybe without contrasting pockets.

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