Friday, 9 August 2013

Cording... And sewing room

Found this bright red fabric on sale, and decided it would be perfect for cushions to chase away the winter blues! So I had a crack at doing this cushion with some yellow cording I fixed up myself out of some scrap yellow fabric I have from another project I'm working on. See, isn't it colourful!

In other news, working on my sewing room, or padded cell - it's coming along well, we have finsihed insulating and we are going to start plastering it this weekend too! Yay! Can't wait to have it done and furnished! 

Saturday, 20 July 2013

First post ever!

Sew... It's cold, blustery and wet and in an attempt to get out of my own head I have been doing one of the things I love best... Sewing! ( and a little bit of procrastinating too !). I found some lovely blue fabric that reminds me of blue skies and for some reason also some of my favourite anime from the Studio Ghibli collections. Paired with grey marle jersey fabric I decided to make a sweet dress perfect for Sunday coffees. The dress structure was very easy to put together. I have never done arms before (up until now I have always had a pants and skirts obsession) so they didn't turn out as perfect as I would like. Because of the blue fabric being fairly stiff I have to redo the neckline... But that's ok :-). 
Other projects I am working on - my sewing room; a pair of pants with a tricky zipper; home furnishings such as a patchwork quilt cover for our supa large quilt... Always doing cushions and I have planned to do some lovely and safe pet beds and outdoor cushions; and I have many baby projects for friends and family that I am attempting as well! (Makes me sooo clucky!) As you can see I always have a zillion things I want to do and it can be hard to prioritise. I am going to try to do a little more each day - also to help handle better the going home and switching off issue I seem to have at the moment! 

The dress I made...