Sunday, 23 February 2014

Kasia skirt from Burdastyle

So as I promised, here is an update on the Kasia skirt from Burda style. It's a free pattern and not too tricky for those who have experience at pockets and zips and buttons. The instructions are a bit confusing so I have adjusted with my own knowledge some little tactics. Because the pattern was confusing I decided to do a very rough muslin to figure out what goes where and how. I only hand tacked everything together and didn't worry to much about measurements and so on. I know now if I was making the skirt out of material that had little stretch to it I would need to widen the sides a bit for my curvy figure. The waist is fine though. This is a common adjustment I need to make ! However as my skirt is being made out of a fub knit fabric and is nice and stretchy I don't need to worry about anything this time around! I have some pics of my muslin, I didn't bother finishing the top band off as I new what I was supposed to do, mission accomplished. Check the pics for my notes :-)

Back panel - when doing this on my final version i will be making sure the gathers are perfect as you can see here the yokes are on an angle to the skirt and don't line up neatly... 
Again the front pocket yokes are not neat and the pocket flap comes up to high as I am hiding the bottom of the pocket.

Pretty much done. The pocket is a bit crooked, but I was doing it rough! 

Now to start on the real thing! Stay tuned. Any questions please ask, :-)

Sunday, 16 February 2014


I am back into the swing of things! I have even more projects on the go, and have a few I need to get done soon! A quick fix for me though, another prinatble pattern from, called the 'kasia' skirt, here! I've had this material sitting around for years as I got it on sale, and have wanted to make a skirt with it - this pattern is free and looked pretty easy which means quick! So I have started it today! Will do a short tutorial on it when it is completed along with a review :-) for now here are some photos of my finished sewing room!